Warranty Information



Cuisine::pro products are covered by a ‘’Lifetime Guarantee’’ which is provided by Global Retail Brands UK Limited (company number 10642380). The terms and conditions of the Lifetime Guarantee are further outlined below.


What it covers:


The Lifetime Guarantee Constitutes a warranty that the product is free from defects in workmanship or materials or abnormal deterioration when used in accordance with our ‘’Care and Use Instructions’’ and normal domestic use during the Warranty Period.


What it does not cover:


  • Misuse or a failure to use in accordance with our care and use instructions, such as improper use and cleaning, neglect, modification, fire, theft or commercial use; or normal wear and tear.
  • Minor imperfections such as surface markings as a result of shipping and slight colour variations.


Warranty Period


The ‘’Lifetime Guarantee’’ starts from the date of purchase and continues for 25 years from this date. Replacement of the product or a part of the product does not extend or restart the Warranty Period.


How to claim:


To make a claim under the Lifetime Guarantee for a defective product, you will need to:

  • Email photos of the defect to returns@Cuisinepro.co.uk for assessment with your original proof of purchase and an explanation as to the nature of the defect.


Repair or replacement


If your claim is assessed to be valid, any decision to replace or repair a product is to be made by GRB UK in its absolute discretion. If an identical replacement product is not available, the retailer or GRB UK may replace your product with a new product with equivalent features and specification as determined by the retailer or GRB UK and the retail price of the replacement shall not exceed the original purchase price paid for the product.


The costs of claiming:


There is no cost to you for making a claim for a defective product. We will be responsible for all shipping costs for valid claims.

However we may arrange with you to pick up the replacement or repaired product directly from our business address in certain circumstances. The product will be at your risk whilst in transit between you and the relevant retailer or GRB UK.


Your statutory rights:


The benefits given to your by this warranty are in addition to your other rights and remedies under any laws which relate to these products.


Further contact details:


To receive and further information about a claim within the Warranty Period, simply:

Email at: returns@Cuisinepro.co.uk


Thank you for choosing Cuisine::pro